Asian Vegetable Names

Many Oriental vegetables are widely grown in various regions in Asia. They are often named based on the plant appearance, color, shape, usage and others. They are called with local languages and dialects. More than several hundred dialects are used in China - not to mention many other languages and dialects used in different Asian regions! These names are often translated into English names directly or indirectly based on pronounciation, spelling, meaning, and others. Sometimes, new names are also used by Westerners to call some Oriental vegetables. Therefore, it is very common to have various names for the same vegetable. Many people are often confused and have difficulties to indentify and find Asain vegetables. We have done some research and collected various names used in Asia for your reference.

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Edible Amaranth

Azuki Bean

Bitter Melon



Chin Chiang Cabbage

Chinese Celery

Chinese kale

Chinese Leek

Choy Sum


Edible Burdock


Garland Chrysanthemum

Green Onion

Hairy Gourd

Japanese Pumpkin

Malabar Spinach

Mung Bean

Mustard Green

NAPA Cabbage


Pak Choy


Pickling Melon

Oriental Radish

Ridged Skin Luffa

Snow Peas


Sponge Luffa

Thai Basil

Thai Eggplant


Winged Bean

Winter Melon

Yardlong Bean

Yu Choy

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(A). Bean/Peas:
Azuki Bean . Mung Bean . Winged Bean . Broad Bean . Green Bean . Hyacinth Bean . Yardlong Bean . Edamame(Edible Soybean) . Snow Peas
(B). Leafy Vegetable:
Edible Amaranth . Oriental Celery . Garland Chrysanthemum (Shingiku) . Japanese Greens . Herbs . Chinese Kale (Kai Lam) . Kamatsuna . Lettuce . Malabar Spinach . Oriental Mustard . Bunching Onion . Yu Choy (Edible Rape) . Oriental Spinach . Hon-Tsai-Tai . || - - Chinese Cabbage: . White Petiole Small Cabbage . Green Petiole Small Cabbage . White Large Pak Choy . Heading NAPA Cabbage . Semiheading Chinese Cabbage
(C) . Herbs:
Chinese Leek (Chinese Chives) . Thai Basil . Coriander (Chinese Parsley) . Mint . Perilla (Japanese Shi-So) . Watercress
(D). Fruit/Gourd Vegetable:
Oriental Cucumber . Oriental Eggplant . Bitter Gourd (Bitter Melon) . Winter Melon (Wax Gourd) . Calabash (OPO) . Mao Qwa (Hairy Gourd) . Snake Gourd . Edible Luffa . Oriental melon . Pickling Melon . Oriental Sweet Pepper . Hot Pepper . Oriental Squash . Tomato . Watermelon
(E). Root Vegetable:
Edible Burdock (Gobo) . Carrot . Oriental Radish (Daikon) . Turnip
(F). Flower Vegetable:
Broccoli . Cauliflower . Flower Chinese Cabbage . Chinese Leek Flower . White Choy Sum . Green Choy Sum
(G). Others:
Baby Corn . Kohlrabi . Okra
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