Semi-Heading Chinese Cabbage

There are several varieties of semi-heading type Chincese cabbages. The upright plant is generally wrapped with long leaves forming a long tapering head while grows upward. Tender leaves are harvested for stir-fry or pickling uses. Some varieties can grow and form a cylinder headed plant up to 2 feet tall. They are relatively slow growing plants that may take more than 70 days to reach the harvest stage. Plants grow best in mild and slightly cold climates, suitable for fall crops.

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Semi-Heading Cabbage, Kogane
Semi-Heading Cabbage, Kogane

Yellowish inner leaves with green leaves outside.

Semi-Heading Chinese Cabbage, Hybrid Monument
Semi-Heading Chinese Cabbage, Hybrid Monument

Famous variety for excellent quality.

Semi-Heading Cabbage, Hybrid Orient Legend
Semi-Heading Cabbage, Hybrid Orient Legend

Semi-compact head and tender leaves. Excellent for stir-fry.

Chinese Cabbage, Hybrid Taiwan Express
Chinese Cabbage, Hybrid Taiwan Express

Tender and tasty leaves and stalks. Fast growing variety.

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