Oriental Sweet Pepper

Oriental sweet peppers are much smaller than the common sweet peppers grown in the United States. The Japanese use small sweet peppers extensively in salad, tempura and shihi kabab. Plants are cultivated much like the common sweet peppers, from spring through fall.

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Japanese Sweet Pepper, Shishito
Japanese Sweet Pepper, Shishito

Light green pepper. Very popular in Japan.

Sweet Pepper, Fushimi
Sweet Pepper, Fushimi

Very bright green pepper. Thin-walled. Well flavored.

Sweet Pepper, Hybrid Orient Wonder
Sweet Pepper, Hybrid Orient Wonder

Light green sweet pepper. Thick flesh.

Sweet Pepper, Hybrid Green Twist
Sweet Pepper, Hybrid Green Twist

Hybrid Shishito pepper. High quality. Very productive

Sweet Pepper, Ten-Pu-La
Sweet Pepper, Ten-Pu-La

A good pepper for cooking needs. Easy to grow.

Sweet Pepper, Hybrid Green Star
Sweet Pepper, Hybrid Green Star

Excellent quality. Beautifl fruits.

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