Oriental Celery (Chinese Celery)

Chinese celery is smaller and more delicate than the common American celery. The long stems are thin, hollow and crispy. The Chinese and Vietnamese often use this unique vegetable to add aromatic flavor in stir-fry and soup. Chinese celery grows best in a cold climate, 60-75 F. Plants may need shading if grown in warm summer season. Seeds are very small and seed generation can be erratic.

NOTE: Several unique characteristics are observed for the seed germination - Seeds germinate best in cold conditions (50-60 F) but poorly in a higher temperature; Best to sow seeds on the moist soil surface and expose to the light without the soil covering. Soil should be kept moist during the seed germination and seedling growth stage. This can be done by covering the sowed seeds with a layer of grass straw. Remove the grass straw later and transplant seedlings into an open field after they are grow-up and strong.

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Chinese Celery, Golden Leaf
Chinese Celery, Golden Leaf

Yellowish-green stems and leaves.

Chinese Celery, Green Queen
Chinese Celery, Green Queen

Deep green stem and leaves. Well flavored.

Chinese Celery, White Stem
Chinese Celery, White Stem

White stems are tender, good for stir-fry and soup.

Chinese Celery, Tianjin Green
Chinese Celery, Tianjin Green

Young green leaves and stems with armomatic flavor.

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