Hyacinth Bean (Lablab Bean)

There are many varieties of Hyacinth Bean that produce beautiful flowers and leaves in different colors. Plant are vigorous in warm climates and are often grown along trellis and fences in the Orient. Bean pods are thin and slightly curved, that should be harvested for vegetable use when young.

1. Hyacinth Bean is a tropical plant. Some varieties may be sensitive to the daylight length for flowering. Plants may not produce flowers during the spring-summer long day season, but begin to have flowers/beans after the shorter days arrive in late summer-fall season. It may be necessary to adjust your planting time for this situation. In the subtropical/tropical areas, plants are generally sown in August-September for harvest in October-November-December season.

2. It has been reported that Hyacinth beans could be toxic to some people if eaten a lot or uncooked. It is suggested to change water a few times during boilling/cooking the edible bean pods. This approach may reduce the potential toxic effects.

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Hyacinth Bean, Purple Flower
Hyacinth Bean, Purple Flower

Beautiful purple flower. Attractive plants for backyard growing.

Hyacinth Bean, Asia Purple
Hyacinth Bean, Asia Purple

Beautiful decorative plant with purple red flowers.

Hyacinth Bean, Asia White
Hyacinth Bean, Asia White

White flower. Harvest tender pods and beans for eating.

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