White Choy Sum

Choy Sum is one of the most popular vegetables in Hong Kong and Southern China. This vegetable is used in various stir-fry dishes and soups in Cantonese cuisine. Choy Sum is very similar to the white petiole large Pak Choy, but featuring more tender and delicious stems and flower buds/tips for vegetable use. Whole plants are harvested prior to the flower buds beginning to blossom. There are several varieties in different sizes that are grown and marketed in China.

A special note for the name, "Choy Sum": Choy Sum, in Chinese, means the central stems and flower tips of vegetable. Many vegetables are often called, in China, by the plant portions being used for cooking. Choy Sum may also be used by some pepole to call the green stem type greens. Green Choy Sum is generally to refer Yu-Choy, which is offered in this website at Yu Choy (Edible Rape),

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Dwarf Choy Sum (Short White Stalk)
Dwarf Choy Sum (Short White Stalk)

Dwarf vegetable. Harvest anytime during growth. Excellent for stir-fry.

Extra Dwarf Choy Sum
Extra Dwarf Choy Sum

Unique baby Choy Sum. Easy to grow.

Choy Sum. Long White Stalk
Choy Sum. Long White Stalk

Crispy and tender white stalks. Easy to grow.

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