Chinese Leek <br>(Chinese Chives, Garlic Chives, Nira)

Chinese Chives, also called Garlic Chives or Nira, is a hardy perennial plant. The flat and dark green leaves have mild-flavored taste between the garlic and onion, that are often used as seasoning herb and stir-fry. New plant seedlings are relatively slow to grow in the initial satge and may take an entire season to establish and reach the full strength condition. However, once this matured stage is established, plants will begin to grow vigorously under full sun/warm climates and can also grow through the winter/cold climates. Several harvests can be obtained per season thereafter. For the best growing results, it is necessary to divide and replant the root clusters every 1-2 years.

Note: New young seedlings of Chinese Leek are very similar to new grass. Be careful not to treat and remove new seedlings as grass during the early growing stage.

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Chinese Leek, Tender Leaf
Chinese Leek, Tender Leaf

Tender and delicious leaves. Good for stir-fry.

Chinese Leek Flower
Chinese Leek Flower

Harvest flower stems and buds for vegetable uses.

Chinese Leek, Broad Leaf
Chinese Leek, Broad Leaf

Large leaf. Vigorous plant.


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