Baby Leaf Greens

There are many baby leaf vegetables which are orignated in Asia and have become very popular in salad mix, dressing and garnishing in gourmet cuisines. These fast growing vegetables can be harvested at any growing stage, by picking young leaves, one by one, from the lower part of the plants. Delicate leaves are very attractive and appetizing, excellent for dressing gourmet food.

Baby Leaf , Golden StreakBaby Leaf , Golden Streak
Delicate thread shped leaves with gentle spicy taste.

Baby Leaf, Ruby StreakBaby Leaf, Ruby Streak
Beautiful baby leaves with gentle spicy taste.

Baby Leaf, Golden FrillBaby Leaf, Golden Frill
Attractive green baby leaf with frill shaped edge.

Baby Leaf, Saisai PurpleBaby Leaf, Saisai Purple
Nice baby leaves with attractive red stem.

Garnet GiantGarnet Giant
Red color mustard leaf. popular for salad mix.

Hybrid Pakchoi PurpleHybrid Pakchoi Purple
Unique purple leaf pskchoi. Attractive vegetable for sald.

Mizuna  PurpleMizuna Purple
Unique new mizuna with purple stems and green leaves.

Baby Leaf, Hybrid Spicy GreenBaby Leaf, Hybrid Spicy Green
frilled leaf with wasabi spicy taste.

Baby Leaf, Crimson RedBaby Leaf, Crimson Red
Baby leaf in dark red color. Tasty with purgent flavor.

Red MizunaRed Mizuna
Dark red leaves, excellent salad-mix greens.

Baby Leaf, Red TatsoiBaby Leaf, Red Tatsoi
Tasty and sweet baby leaf vegetable.

Baby Leaf, Hybrid Purple SongBaby Leaf, Hybrid Purple Song
Tasty leaf in purple color. Easy to grow.

Hybrid Red ChoiHybrid Red Choi
Dark red packchoy specially developed for baby leaf market.

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