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Edible Amaranth<br> (Yin Tsai, Chinese Spinach)Edible Amaranth<br> (Yin Tsai, Chinese Spinach)
Edible Amaranth, Green Pointed Leaf
Edible Amaranth, Red Stripe Leaf
Edible Amaranth, White Leaf
Edible Amaranth, Tender Leaf
Edible Amaranth, Green Round Leaf
Edible Amaranth, Southern Red
Baby Leaf GreensBaby Leaf Greens
Baby Leaf , Golden Streak
Baby Leaf, Ruby Streak
Baby Leaf, Golden Frill
Baby Leaf, Saisai Purple
Garnet Giant
Hybrid Pakchoi Purple
Mizuna Purple
Baby Leaf, Hybrid Spicy Green
Baby Leaf, Crimson Red
Red Mizuna
Baby Leaf, Red Tatsoi
Baby Leaf, Hybrid Purple Song
Hybrid Red Choi
Yardlong Bean (Asparagus Bean, Snake Bean, Chinese Long Bean)
Azuki Bean (Red Bean)
Mung Bean
Hyacinth Bean (Lablab Bean)
Edamame (Edible Soybean, Mao Dou)
Indian Cluster Bean (Guar Bean, Gum Bean)
Green Bean
Winged Bean
Hyacinth Bean (Lablab Bean)Hyacinth Bean (Lablab Bean)
Hyacinth Bean, Purple Flower
Hyacinth Bean, Asia Purple
Hyacinth Bean, Asia White
Yardlong Bean (Asparagus Bean, Snake Bean, Chinese Long Bean)Yardlong Bean (Asparagus Bean, Snake Bean, Chinese Long Bean)
Yardlong Bean, Black Seed
Yardlong Bean, Red Seed
Yardlong Bean, Purple Pod
Edamame (Edible Soybean, Mao Dou)Edamame (Edible Soybean, Mao Dou)
Edamame (Edible Soybean Early Hakucho)
Edamame (Edible Soybean), Taiwame
Edamame (Edible Soybean), Late Giant Black Seeded
Edible Burdock (Gobo, Neu Pam)Edible Burdock (Gobo, Neu Pam)
Gobo (Edible Burdock), Takinogawa
Gobo (Edible Burdock), watanabe
Chinese CabbageChinese Cabbage
Pei Tsai (Small Loose-Leaf/White-Petiole Type)
Green Baby Pak Choy (Small Loose-Leaf
/Green-Petiole Type)

Pak Choy (Large Loose-Leaf/White-Petiole and New Small Petiole/Leaf Types)
NAPA Cabbage
(Heading Type, Bok Choy, Siew Choy)

Semi-Heading Chinese Cabbage
Flower Chinese Green, Nabana
White Choy Sum
Pei Tsai (Small Loose-Leaf/White-Petiole Type)Pei Tsai (Small Loose-Leaf/White-Petiole Type)
Small Chinese Cabbage, Round Leaf
Small Chinese Cabbage, Tokyo Bekana
Small Chinese Cabbage, Hybrid Bekamaru
Taiwanese Small Cabbage, Fong San Improved
Small Chinese Cabbage, Frilled Leaf TW
Korean Small Cabbage, Green Seoul
Taiwanese Small Cabbage, Hybrid Chin-Sun Cabbage
Chinese Cabbage, Hybrid Taiwan Express
Chinese Cabbage, Hybrid Best Express
Green Baby Pak Choy (Small Loose-Leaf<br>/Green-Petiole Type)Green Baby Pak Choy (Small Loose-Leaf<br>/Green-Petiole Type)
Ching-Chiang Cabbage, Long Green Petiole
Ching-Chiang Cabbage, Short Green Petiole
Ching-Chiang Cabbage, HK Baby
Ching-Chiang Cabbage, Hybrid Summer Boy
Ching-Chiang Cabbage, Hybrid All Seasons
Ching-Chiang Cabbage, Hybrid Summer Flavor
Chin Chiang Cabbage, Hybrid Green King
Pak Choy (Large Loose-Leaf/White-Petiole and New Small Petiole/Leaf Types)Pak Choy (Large Loose-Leaf/White-Petiole and New Small Petiole/Leaf Types)
Pak Choy, Long White Petiole
Pak Choy, Short White Petiole
Tah Tsai (Tatsoi)
Hybrid Qing-Tah Tsai
Chinese Cabbage, Yukina Savoy
Pak Choy, Canton Choice
Hybrid Pakchoi Purple
Baby Leaf, Red Tatsoi
Baby Leaf, Hybrid Purple Song
Hybrid Red Choi
White Choy SumWhite Choy Sum
Dwarf Choy Sum (Short White Stalk)
Extra Dwarf Choy Sum
Choy Sum. Long White Stalk
Flower Chinese Green, NabanaFlower Chinese Green, Nabana
NAPA Cabbage<br>(Heading Type, Bok Choy, Siew Choy)NAPA Cabbage<br>(Heading Type, Bok Choy, Siew Choy)
NAPA Cabbage, Hybrid Super
NAPA Cabbage, Hybrid Spring Delight
NAPA Cabbage, Hybrid Blues
NAPA Cabbage, Wong Bok
NAPA Cabbage, Hybrid Hwa King WR70
NAPA Cabbage, Hybrid Yellow King
NAPA Cabbage, Hybrid Kingdom 80
NAPA Cabbage, Hybrid Qingdao 65
NAPA Cabbage, Hybrid One Kilo
Chinese Cabbage, Hybrid Taiwan Express
NAPA Cabbage, Hybrid Golden Wa-Wa
Cabbage (Taiwanese Varieties)Cabbage (Taiwanese Varieties)
Taiwanese Cabbage, Hybrid Li-Sun Sweet
Taiwanese Cabbage, Hybrid April Wonder
Cabbage, Hybrid Oriental Super Choice
Oriental Celery (Chinese Celery)Oriental Celery (Chinese Celery)
Chinese Celery, Golden Leaf
Chinese Celery, Green Queen
Chinese Celery, White Stem
Chinese Celery, Tianjin Green
Carrot, Tokita's Scarlet
Carrot, Mini Sweet
Carrot, New Kuroda
Carrot, Hybrid Sunrise Red
Carrot, Hybrid Coral II
Oriental CucumberOriental Cucumber
Japanese Cucumber, Hybrid Suhyo Cross
Japanese Cucumber, Tokiwa
Japanese Cucumber, Hybrid Natsuhikari
Japanese Cucumber, Hybrid Tasty King
Japanese Cucumber, Hybrid Soarer
Japanese Cucumber, Hybrid Southern Delight
Japanese Cucumber, Hybrid Progress
Oriental Cucumber, Hybrid Summer Delight
Korean Cucumber, Hybrid Summer Express
Korean Cucumber, Hybrid Champion
Korean Cucumber, Hybrid Silver Green
Korean Cucumber, Hybrid White Sun
Pickling Cucumber, Pickler One
Oriental Cucumber, Hybrid Ninja
Oriental Cucumber, Hybrid White Star
Cucumber, Hybrid Champ TH
Kira Cucumber, Hybrid Kira Boy
Oriental Eggplant (Asian Eggplant)Oriental Eggplant (Asian Eggplant)
Chinese Eggplant, Ping Tung Long
Chinese Eggplant, Purple Excel
Chinese Eggplant, Ma-Zu Purple
Japanese Eggplant, Kurume
Japanese Eggplant, Hybrid Mangan
Japanese Eggplant, Hybrid Millionaire
Japanese Eggplant, Hybrid Money Maker
Japanese Eggplant, Hybrid Shoya Long
Korean Eggplant, Hybrid Black Coral
Eggplant, Hybrid New Leader
Eggplant, Hybrid Violet King
Eggplant, Hybrid Anamika
Eggplant, Hybrid Pink Choice
Thai Eggplant, Hybrid Thai Long Green
Thai Eggplant, Green Beauty
Japanese Eggplant, Hybrid Black King
Indian Eggplant, Hybrid Bharata Star
Indian Eggplant, Hybrid Southern Pink
Thai Eggplant, Hybrid Violet Prince
Eggplant, Hybrid Ruby
Thai Eggplant, Thai Round Green
Thai Eggplant, Hybrid Tiger
Thai Eggplant, Hybrid Kermit
Thai Eggplant, Petch Siam
Eggplant, Hybrid Galaxy Green
White Eggplant, Hybrid Raja
Chinese Eggplant, Hybrid Asia Beauty
Garland Chrysanthemum (Shingiku, Tung Ho)Garland Chrysanthemum (Shingiku, Tung Ho)
Garland Chrysanthemum, Small Leaf
Garland Chrysanthemum, Round Leaf
Garland Chrysanthemum, Tiger Ear
Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd, Balsam Pear, <br>Ku Gua, Foo Gwah)Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd, Balsam Pear, <br>Ku Gua, Foo Gwah)
Bitter Melon, Taiwan Large
Bitter Melon, Hybrid White Pearl
Bitter Melon, Hong Kong Green
Bitter Gourd, Southern Money Maker
Bitter Melon, Large Top
Bitter Gourd, Green Lover
Bitter Melon, Hybrid Jumbo Choice
Bitter Gourd, Hybrid China Pearl
Bitter Melon, Japan Long
Bitter Gourd, India Long White
Bitter Melon, Hybrid India Pearl
Bitter Melon, Hybrid India Baby
Bitter Melon, Hybrid Baby Doll
Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Nanha
Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Beauty Winner
Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Green Giant
Bitter Gourd, Hybrid Nayan Long
Winter Melon (Wax Gourd, Tung Qwa)Winter Melon (Wax Gourd, Tung Qwa)
Winter Melon, Oblong Tong Qwa
Winter Melon, Hybrid Wonder Wax
Wax Gourd, Southern Dark Skin
Winter Melon, Round Tong Qwa
Winter Melon, Long Giant
Winter Melon, Hybrid Small Round
Medium Wax Gourd, Hybrid Khao Nuan
Small Wax Gourd, Hybrid Thai Small
Calabash Gourd (OPO Gourd, Bottle Gourd)Calabash Gourd (OPO Gourd, Bottle Gourd)
Bottle Gourd, Med-Long (OPO)
Bottle Gourd, Hybrid India Long
Bottle Gourd, Hybrid Asia Short
Bottle Gourd, Hybrid Southern Leader
Calabash Gourd, Hybrid India Globe
Calabash Gourd, Hybrid Green Bell
Calabash, Hybrid Lattoo
Calabash Gourd, Bottle Gourd
Perilla (Japanese, Vietnamese  and  Korean Shi-So, Zi Su, Beefsteak)Perilla (Japanese, Vietnamese  and  Korean Shi-So, Zi Su, Beefsteak)
Japanese Perilla, Green Leaf (Ao-Shiso)
Japanese Perilla, Red Leaf (Aka-Shiso)
Japanese Perilla, Hojisho
Korean Perilla, Large Leaf
Korean Perilla, Asia Ip
Chinese Kale (Gai Lan, Chinese Broccoli)Chinese Kale (Gai Lan, Chinese Broccoli)
Chinese Kale, Blue Star
Chinese Kale, Green Delight
Chinese Kale, Crispy Blue
Chinese Kale, Thick Stem Winner
Chinese Kale, Hybrid Blue Wonder
Chinese Kale, China Legend
Chinese Kale, Hybrid Southern Blue
Chinese Kale, Big Boy
Komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach)Komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach)
Komatsuna, Tokyo Early
Komatsuna, Hybrid Sharaku
Kohlrabi, Peking Strain
Kohlrabi, Hybrid Taj
Kohlrabi, Hybrid Fuji
Lettuce, Red Wave
Lettuce, Green Wave
Taiwanese Lettuce, "A" Choy
Taiwanese Lettuce, Orient Sword Leaf
Korean Lettuce, Red Curl
Korean Lettuce Orient Green Curl
Chinese Letturce, Fragrant Choi
Chinese Lettuce, Seven Wonders
Edible Luffa (Dish Cloth Luffa, Sponge Gourd, <br>Chinese Okra)Edible Luffa (Dish Cloth Luffa, Sponge Gourd, <br>Chinese Okra)
Luffa, Edible Ace
Edible Luffa, Smooth Boy
Edible Luffa, Hybrid Summer Cross
Edible Luffa, Extra Long Smooth
Edible Luffa, Hybrid Smooth Beauty
Luffa, Hybrid Southern Legacy
Edible Luffa, Hybrid Jupiter
Edible Luffa, Muop Huong VN
Angled Luffa
(Ridged Skin Luffa), Summer Long

Angled Gourd, Hybrid Green Diamond
Angled Luffa, Lucky Boy
Angled Luffa, Hybrid Asian Pride
Angled Luffa, Hybrid Extra Long
Snake Gourd (Serpent Gourd)Snake Gourd (Serpent Gourd)
Snake Gourd, India Short
Snake Gourd, Hybrid White Glory
Snake Gourd, Hybrid Thai Extra Long
Malabar Spinach (Indian Spinach, Lo Kui)Malabar Spinach (Indian Spinach, Lo Kui)
Malabar Spinach, Green Vine
Malabar Spinach, Red Vine
Oriental MelonOriental Melon
Oriental Melon, Hybrid Golden Sweet
Oriental Melon, Hybrid Jade King
Chinese Melon, Hybrid Hami Sweet
Oriental Melon, Hybrid China Gold
Korean Melon, Hybrid Golden Liner
Oriental Melon, Hybrid Korean Star
Oriental Melon, Hybrid Sweet Honda
Oriental Melon, Hybrid Wonderful No. 1
Korean Melon, Hybrid Golden Honey
Oriental Melon, Hybrid Arko
Oriental Melon, Hybrid Extra Summer Sweet
Thai Melon, Yellow Sweet
Thai Melon, Thai Best
Oriental Melon, Hybrid Sun Net
Oriental Melon, Hybrid Milky Way
Oriental Melon, Hybrid Venice
Oriental Mustard (Chinese Mustard, Gai Choy)Oriental Mustard (Chinese Mustard, Gai Choy)
Chinese Mustard, Bau-Sin
Chinese Mustard, San-Ho Giant
Chinese Mustard, China Chi-Sin
Mustard Green, Peacock Tail
Mustard Green, Nan-Fong
Chinese Mustard, Bamboo Leaf
Mustard Green, Spring Choi
Korean Mustard, Red Leaf
Mustard, Miike Purple Giant
Mustard, Japanese Red Giant
Chinese Mustard, Big Stem
Komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach)
Garnet Giant
Baby Leaf, Hybrid Spicy Green
Baby Leaf, Crimson Red
Bunching Onion (Oriental Green Onion)Bunching Onion (Oriental Green Onion)
Bunching Onion, Evergreen
Bunching Onion, Ishikura Improved
Bunching Onion, Feast
Japanese Bunching Onion, Kujo
Bunching Onion, Four Seasons
Bunching Green Onion, Fuyuyo
Bunching Onion, Red Beard
Bunching Onion, Hybrid Gallop
Bunching Onion, Summer TS
Edible Snow Peas (Chinese Peas)Edible Snow Peas (Chinese Peas)
Snow Peas, Oregon Sugar Pod II
Snow Peas, Mammoth Melting Sugar
Snow Peas, Oregon Giant Pod
Snow Pea Shoots (Dou Miao)
Hot PepperHot Pepper
Hot Pepper, Goat Horn
Hot Pepper, Small Thai Chili (Thai Hot Pepper)
Hot Pepper, Hybrid Golden Hot
Hot Pepper, Chi-Chien
Hot Pepper, India Jwala (Finger Hot)
Hot Pepper, Hybrid Korea Winner
Korean Hot Pepper, Hybrid Long Green
Hot Pepper, Hybrid Erawa
Oriental Sweet PepperOriental Sweet Pepper
Japanese Sweet Pepper, Shishito
Sweet Pepper, Fushimi
Sweet Pepper, Hybrid Orient Wonder
Sweet Pepper, Hybrid Green Twist
Sweet Pepper, Ten-Pu-La
Sweet Pepper, Hybrid Green Star
Oriental Root Radish and Leafy Radish </BR>(Daikon, Lo Bok)Oriental Root Radish and Leafy Radish </BR>(Daikon, Lo Bok)
Japanese Daikon Radish, Mino Early
Japanese Daikon Radish, Early 40 Days
Daikon Radish, Miyashige Green Neck
Daikon Radish, Tokinashi (All Season)
Daikon, Hybrid Minowase Summer Cross
Daikon Radish, Miyashige White Neck
Chinese Radish, Hybrid Everest
Daikon Radish, Hybrid Oharu
Chinese Radish, Green Meat
Chinese Radish, Shinrimei
(Roseheart, Red Meat, Watermelon Radish)

Chinese Radish, Ta-Mei-Hwa
Chinese Radish, Red Skin
Chinese Radish, China Express
Korean Radish, Hybrid Purple Bora
Korean Radish, Hybrid Tae Baek
Korean Radish, Hybrid Daebu Summer
Korean Radish, Hybrid Altari
Korean Radish, Hybrid Sweet Glade
Oriental Radish, Shogoin Globe
Leaf Radish, Hybrid Four Season
Leaf Radish, Hybrid Hattorikun
Leaf Radish, Hybrid Pearl Leaf
Baby Leaf, Saisai Purple
Yu Choy (Edible Rape, Green Choy Sum)Yu Choy (Edible Rape, Green Choy Sum)
Yu Choy Sum, 50 Days
Yu Choy Sum, 60 Days
Yu Choy Sum, 70 Days
Yu Choy Sum, 80 Days Improved
Yu Choy Sum, Hybrid Spring Express
Yu Choy, Hybrid Green Excel
Yu Choy, Hybrid Best Flavor
Oriental SpinachOriental Spinach
Oriental Spinach, Hybrid Ace
Oriental Spinach, Hybrid Orient Joker
Oriental Spinach, Hybrid Alrite
Oriental Spinach, Hybrid King Of Summer
Oriental Squash  (Oriental Pumpkin, Summer Squash)Oriental Squash  (Oriental Pumpkin, Summer Squash)
Japanese Squash, Hybrid Naguri Kabocha
Japanese Squash, Hybrid Delica Kabocha
Japanese Kabocha, Hybrid Baby Delica
Japanese Squash, Hybrid Tetsukabuto
Chinese Squash, Hybrid Papaya Golden
Winter Squash, Hybrid Taiwan Honey
Oriental Squash, Papaya Sweet
Japanese Squash, Blue Kuri
Japanese Squash, Uchiki Kuri
Oriental Squash, Hybride Bungkan
Oriental Squash, Hybrid Sunday Sweet
Thai Squash, Hybrid Thai Muang
Winter Squash, Hybrid Asian Gold
Korean Squash, Hybrid Green BT
Korean Squash, Green Ball
Korean Squash, Hybrid Pum Ae
Indian Squash, Tinda
Root Turnip and Leafy TurnipRoot Turnip and Leafy Turnip
Turnip, Tokyo Market
Turnip, Hybrid Tokyo Cross
Turnip, Hybrid Komachi
Turnip, Red Round
Japanese Turnip, Hybrid Hidabeni
Turnip Green, Japanese Nozawana
Turnip, Shogoin
Tomato, Top Red
Tomato, Hybrid Momotaro (Tough Boy)
Tomato, Hybrid Grandeur
Tomato, Red Target
Tomato, Hybrid Red-In-Green
Tomato, Red Cherry
Tomato, Hybrid Taiwan Sweet
Tomato, Hybrid Asia Yellow
Tomato, Hybrid Tomatoberry Garden
Tomato, Hybrid Sungrape
Tomato, Hybrid Sungreen
Tomato, Hybrid Sunlemon Garden
Baby CornBaby Corn
Broccoli, Hybrid Lucky Green
Broccoli, Hybrid Green Star
Cauliflower, Hybrid White Express
Cauliflower, Hybrid Spring Delight
Okra, Lady Finger
Okra, Hybrid Green Sparkler
Molokhiya (or Melokhiya)Molokhiya (or Melokhiya)

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(B). Leafy Vegetable:
Edible Amaranth . Baby Leaf Greens . Oriental Celery . Garland Chrysanthemum (Shingiku) . Japanese Greens . Herbs . Chinese Kale (Kai Lam) . Komatsuna . Lettuce . Malabar Spinach . Oriental Mustard . Bunching Onion . Yu Choy (Green Petiole Choy Sum) . Oriental Spinach . Hon-Tsai-Tai . || - - Chinese Cabbage: . White Petiole Small Cabbage . Green Petiole Small Cabbage . White Large Pak Choy .White Petiole Choy Sum . Heading NAPA Cabbage . Semiheading Chinese Cabbage
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Chinese Leek (Chinese Chives) . Thai Basil . Coriander (Chinese Parsley) . Mint . Perilla (Japanese Shi-So) . Watercress
(D). Fruit/Gourd Vegetable:
Oriental Cucumber . Oriental Eggplant . Bitter Gourd (Bitter Melon) . Winter Melon (Wax Gourd) . Calabash (OPO) . Mao Qwa (Hairy Gourd) . Snake Gourd . Edible Luffa . Oriental Melon . Oriental Sweet Pepper . Hot Pepper . Oriental Squash . Tomato . Watermelon
(E). Root Vegetable:
Edible Burdock (Gobo) . Carrot . Oriental Radish (Daikon) . Turnip
(F). Flower Vegetable:
Broccoli . Cauliflower . Flower Chinese Cabbage . Chinese Leek Flower . White Choy Sum . Green Choy Sum
(G). Others:
Baby Corn . Kohlrabi . Okra . Sesame
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